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Ciambrone Vision Loves Lakeland, FL

Lakeland FLAUSA lake MirrorAt Ciambrone Vision, we are happy to serve all the eye care needs of the wide and vibrant community of Lakeland. But beyond being proud of our contribution to the eye health of the residents of Lakeland, we are also very excited to be members of the community, ourselves! Here are just a few things we love about Lakeland, FL!

  • Lakeland has quite a lot when it comes to sports. Joker Marchant Stadium, here in Lakeland, serves as home to the Detroit Tigers during spring training. Lakeland is also proud to host the Central Florida Jaguars, an indoor football team playing in the Elite Indoor Football Conference, and the Florida Tropics SC, an indoor soccer team playing in the Indoor Professional League, at the Lakeland Center.
  • We also have many bike trails, including the Lake-To-Lake Trail, running from Lake Parker through downtown, past several lakes, ending at Lake John, and University Trail, connecting Polk State College to Florida Polytechnic University. We also have the Fort Fraser Trail, which runs along US Highway 98 from Polk State College to Highway 60 in Bartow.
  • Lakeland residents are very proud of the diversity that has been achieved in the city. Although English is still the primary language spoken by most, you can easily find segments of the population that speak Spanish, German and/or French! Lakeland also has thriving Christian, Jewish, Muslim and Hindu communities.

To learn more about Lakeland, come see us at Ciambrone Vision, today!

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