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Lipiscan Treatment For Dry Eye

Dry eye is more than an inconvenience. Dry eye is a disease.

Many people suffer for years from the discomfort and pain of Dry Eye Disease. Most try various products to manage their disease, and while many of the Over-The-Counter products can provide relief, it is just temporary symptom relief.

Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD) is a leading cause of Dry Eye Disease. 86% of dry eye patients have MGD, and yet it is very often overlooked.

What is Meibomian Gland Dysfunction or MGD?

Healthy Meibomian glands that line your upper and lower eyelids secrete oil with every blink. This oil, or lipid, serves as a critical component of a healthy tear film in that it helps prevent tear film evaporation. When the glands are not functioning correctly, it is called Meibomian Gland Dysfunction, or MGD. MGD is a leading cause of Dry Eye Disease and can be the source of dry eye symptoms, such as burning, stinging, and itching. However, even patients without symptoms (asymptomatic) could have MGD.

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What causes MGD?

Meiboian Glands - Lakeland, Florida

MGD is caused by anatomical changes in the Meibomian glands. If left untreated, MGD may worsen over time. The symptoms include irritation, inflammation, and eye dryness. However, 1 in 5 MGD patients have no symptoms making an MGD evaluation a good idea for everyone. Because MGD is chronic and progressive, it becomes worse the longer it goes untreated. The good news is that there are effective steps you can take if you are diagnosed with MGD that can help to minimize its long- term impact. And, getting screened and treating MGD is easy.


The appropriate treatment for your Dry Eye will depend on what is causing your condition, and may include:

If you have MGD, LipiFlow® is an automated treatment that helps clear away gland obstruction and restore gland function. The treatment is routinely performed in a single office visit and takes only 12 minutes, but the results could last for up to twelve months.

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With more than 400,000 treatments worldwide and growing,6 patients just like you are experiencing the proven benefits of the LipiFlow ® Thermal Pulsation System:2

  • LipiFlow® is a safe and designed to be a comfortable, FDA-cleared, in-office treatment for the inner and outer lid treatment of MGD.
  • After an initial anesthetic eye drop, LipiFlow® applies precise heat to the inner eyelids and gently massages the Meibomian glands to loosen the oil trapped within the glands.
  • Once loosened, LipiFlow® then pushes the contents up and out while protecting the delicate structure of the eyelids.
  • This treatment is designed to restore the natural oil flow to the tear film that covers the eye’s surface.