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How to be a Safe Smartphone User

Lately, it would be difficult to find someone not on some sort of smartphone. In truth, these devices are wonderful, because they let us stay connected whenever we need to be. Nevertheless a lot of people have a habit of holding their handheld devices very close to their eyes. If you do a lot of reading off small screens, it can be really tough on your eyes.

It's much harder for your eyes to focus on the small images and text you see on the tiny screens of smartphones. It won't come as a shock to know that this can cause issues, not least for those that use vision correction such as glasses or contact lenses. If you already wear glasses, holding a device too close to your face will make it even harder for your eyes to correct for distance. This puts pressure on your eyes, and you end up with headaches or migraines, which aren't pleasant.

But there are more symptoms that can arise. Holding your smartphone too close can make you blink less, and this can dry your eyes and blurry vision.

What can we do keep our eyes strong, while still using our phones? In order to stop these symptoms caused by handheld devices, it is recommended to make the text on your device as big as possible and try to keep your smart phone as far away from your eyes as you can. And try not to use your phone for too much time at once! If you've been on it a while, let your eyes have a little time away from the screen. So be responsible about how you use your mobile devices and look after your eyes to ensure that your vision is protected.